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This page contains classroom and scientific tour modules that instructors can use to teach various principles related to STEM fields. Most of these modules have at least a distant relationship to aspects of MUSE's goals and mission, although some have simply been included because they seem cool and intellectually stimulating to someone in MUSE. Please forward any related fun teaching resources to Mark Koopman at:

The Geologist's Dlilmena

This exercise is appropriate for grades 4-12 and uses math, science and communications skills. It was developed by a teacher from Alabama, Mary Rose Cameron. Download it here.

 Water Defying Gravity

This experiment is visual and fairly simple, but gives a a really cool demonstration of the relationship between temperature, pressure and fluid flow. Appropriate for 4th grade to adult. Downlad it here.

Bernoulli's Principle

The Bernoulli Principle demonstration only needs a book and a sheet of paperr, but effectively shows the effect of moving air causing lower pressure, which makes ther paper move. This experiment can be useful from grade school up to the other people sitting on your row the next time you fly somewhere. Bernoulli's Principle is what makes mechanized flight possible, but is also important to many other fields of science, including geology. Download this module here.

Soda Can as an Anaolog for Atmospheric Pressure

This very simple experiment is a really good parallel to the Earth's atmosphere, demonstrating differences in pressure with elevation. Definiteluy a good experiment to ask students what they think will happen, before one takes one's fingers off the holes. Dowload it here.

Egg in a Bottle

This module is super cool, but does require a particular size Elemeyer flask. It's somewhat similar in the principles it demonstrates to Water Defying Gravity above, but with the added attraction of watching an egg get sucked into a bottle. Definitely a plus for grade schooler, it's still interesting for high school students. Download it here.

Last Updated: 6/1/21